Villas Architecture Company

The architectural office VILLAS ARCHITECTURE, based in Corfu, specializes in architectural studies creating works of high aesthetics and functionality.
With many years of experience, the designers of the architectural office undertake projects of high standards that stand out for their quality and architectural harmony.
The complete design of villas, detached houses, apartment buildings, business premises as well as house renovations are objectives of our office.

Developed Architecture

VILLAS ARCHITECTURE is an architectural office with a remarkable course in the study of high-quality buildings and the creation of spaces characterized by high aesthetics and functionality ... Read More

Architecture Study

VILLAS ARCHITECTURE, based in Corfu, is active in the field of architectural design and construction. By conducting every architectural study with consistency and scientific ethics ... Read More

Projects Supervision

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Project Management

Innovation and well-organized project management allows VILLAS ARCHITECTURE to control every construction phase, from designing, organizing, implementing and supervising a project to its ... Read More

External Offices Cooperation

The architectural office VILLAS ARCHITECTURE, in addition to designing and issuing building permits, undertakes the implementation of studies of third-party architectural offices from abroad ... Read More


We Are The Leader In The Architectural

Architect Nikos Rigas finished the Leondio Lyceum of Nea Smyrni and completed his studies at the National Technical University of Athens in 1983 with excellence.
He followed the liberal profession in Athens, working with selected Technical Offices.
In this fertile period he studied and supervised several projects such as detached houses, office buildings, apartment buildings, shops and shopping centers.

Since 1996 he has been a founding member and a basic designer of the construction company OIKISTIKI OE. which produced a rich and pioneering work in Corfu in Athens and elsewhere such as detached houses, residential complexes, shops etc.
In 2016 he founded VILLAS ARCHITECTURE Mon Ltd., specializing in architectural studies, creating works of high aesthetics and functionality together with a staff of fine collaborators.

Alexandros Aronidis || Architect
Kosmas Aronidis || Architect Engineer
Kostas Priftis || Civil Engineer
Takis Makantasis || Civil Engineer
MariosPapathanos || Civil Engineer
Nikos Nakos || Mechanical Engineer
Nikos Priftis || Mechanical Engineer
Spyros Pagiatakis || Surveying Engineer
Nikos Kapsokavadis || Surveying Engineer